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    Heritage Hall, SAIT

    Calgary is a city full of heritage sites and historical buildings. The local technical college, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, has one of the most iconic buildings in the city. Heritage Hall. SAIT’s inauguration was different than most educational institutions of the day. In 1905, Alberta and Saskatchewan were created from what had been the Northwest Territories. In Saskatchewan, Regina was named the capital city and Saskatoon was awarded with the university. Local historian Harry Sanders writes in his book Historic Walks of Calgary, “Albertans expected the same model, and when Edmonton became the capital, Calgarians rightly expected the university. But in 1908, the government located the University of…

  • History

    Annie Gale, Canada’s First Female Alderman

    Annie Gale was a monumental figure in both Calgary and Canada’s history. But it seems as though her achievements and accomplishments are unknown to many people, even in the city where she did her work. Annie was born in 1879 in as Hannah Rolinson in Worcestshire England. In 1912, she moved with her husband William John Gale and two sons to Calgary. John was a civil engineer and worked for the city. Nancy Janovicek, an associate professor of history at the University of Calgary, said that Annie had little interest in politics before coming to Canada but her mind was drastically changed upon her arrival. “Annie wasn’t interested in politics…

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